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Cosmetic dentistry offers services to help you achieve and maintain your very best smile. From tooth whitening to veneers, these services are low-impact on your teeth but high-impact on your aesthetic and self-confidence.

At Total Dentistry, Dr. Lawrence Hale and his dedicated team work with residents in Englewood and nearby communities to achieve their ideal smile. If you feel dissatisfied with the current state of your smile, schedule a consultation with our Englewood dental office today!

Cosmetic Dental Services We Provide

When planning cosmetic treatment, we take the time to discuss with the patient what goals they have and what they hope to achieve with their smile. Each cosmetic treatment plan is customized with the patient’s ideal smile in mind.

We offer a variety of cosmetic dental treatment options. These services include:

Teeth Whitening: A professional whitening can lift years of stubborn stains from your tooth enamel, restoring your teeth to their natural color. Using a professional-strength bleaching gel, a single one-hour session can enhance your teeth up to eight shades brighter. We also provide whitening kits you can use at home when it’s convenient for you – perfect for touching up your smile for an event or special occasion.

Composite Fillings: Most people need a filling at some point, but it doesn’t have to ruin your smile’s aesthetic. Composite fillings are shade-matched to the tooth enamel, allowing them to blend in seamlessly with your natural tooth. They also bond well to enamel, which means the dentist can preserve more of your actual tooth when placing these types of fillings.

Veneers: These thin porcelain shells adhere to the front surfaces of your teeth and can be applied for a variety of cosmetic purposes. Whether you have severe staining, a tooth gap, a chipped tooth, or your teeth are worn down; veneers can renew your smile quickly and simply. Veneers are custom-shaped to your teeth, and the translucent porcelain perfectly resembles tooth enamel for a natural, flattering result.

Porcelain Crowns: Like composite fillings, a porcelain crown provides top-notch protection for your teeth without disrupting the beauty of your smile. The porcelain is shaped and colored to match the surrounding teeth, and can be used on teeth that have cracked, had a root canal, or have a large filling.

Top-Quality Dentistry in Englewood

At Total Dentistry, Dr. Hale and his skilled team can help you protect the health and beauty of your smile. Whether you want to transform your smile with cosmetic dentistry or simply need a regular checkup, our friendly and welcoming staff will always take the time to answer any questions.

We proudly serve the community of Englewood and nearby regions and look forward to welcoming you to our Englewood dental office. Schedule a visit today!

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